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26 May 2011 E pay scale is Enlisted, W scale is Warrant Officer , O scale is Commissioned Officer. Amounts are rounded to the nearest dollar. In fact, officer pay is more complex because it includes the pay scales for Warrant Warrant officer pay charts work the same as the commissioned officer charts, August 30, 2010; Military Pay and Benefits for Army Drill Sergeants army pay scales , british army , pay, army pay rates, army pay scale , army salaries Warrant Officer 2. Levels 5 - 9 only. Staff Sergeant Levels 1 - 7 only Ranks of the United States Army with payscale . Warrant Officer 1. 2011 2011 Pay Scale . E-9. CSM. Command Sergeant Major. 2011 Pay Scale . E-9. Special. SMA. Sergeant Major of the Army . 2011 Pay Scale . W-1. WO1. Warrant Officer
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